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Question: Have you ever had Facebook ruin a relationship?
Answer: I said it because i hate stereotypes D: I removed the motor plastic brake, inserted the battery to the transmitter, set the same dip switch to both the transmitter and receiver and press the button on remote and the wall outlet. The red input from the outlet works since there was a light before I removed it and replaced it with the fan.
Question: Asked my ex to meet up but he's ignoring me?
Answer: I think this is accurate! kkkkkkkkk! Household circuits usually consist of a black wire, a white wire and a bare copper ground wire. Ceiling fans have different colored wires coming from the motor that don't quite match the household circuit wires' colors.
Question: He doesn't text me everyday... Is he not that keen?
Answer: I am PAKISTANi I have indian girlfriend in UAE shes Sucking Very Good I'm installing ceiling fans in several rooms of an old house, and considering upgrading ceiling fans in other rooms. Energy-efficient lighting and wall switches with separate fan and light controls.
Question: How did you meet your ball and chain?
Answer: The Netherlands: split the bill. Always! It is called going Dutch. Here are the steps of how to install one.
Question: How to make him feel comfortable?
Answer: Estonian guy was half singing one of the greates eurovison songs called 'Kuula'. Loved it.

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Question: Am I being taken for an utter fool?
Answer: GAA shorts are your fckn pj's. not what this fancy fcker is wearing. cop on to yourself or feck of to the states

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Question: What makes you fancy a woman sexually?
Answer: The land of wonder woman, love it!

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Question: Do boys have such strong crushes like girls?
Answer: Palinca for the win!

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Question: 20 year itch?
Answer: Hey i am from Bulgaria and believe me only the northen countries need to have a reason to smile ;)

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Question: Where can I meet a guy!?
Answer: I know im demanding but MORE COUPLES! hahha. great stuff. i just want more lol

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Question: Not interested after first date?
Answer: Lmao lo del horario es muy accurate

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